Custom-fitted Mouthguards at SO Dental Surgery Chatswood

SO Dental Surgery Chatswood uses MINISTAR S® Innovative pressure moulding technique making the best “Custom-fitted” mouthguards to protect your child’s teeth, mouth and jaw. One of our dentists takes an impression and creates a plaster model of your teeth. Custom-fitting allows us to accurately assess your mouth and provide the best fitting mouthguard that is most appropriate for you.


Custom-fitted mouthguards

Custom-fitted mouthguards provide a better fit than other varieties, as they are made to suit your individual needs. When made by your dentist, a custom-fitted mouthguard is:

  • Comfortable
  • Well-fitting
  • Allows you to speak clearly
  • Won’t shift or fall out
  • Won’t restrict your breathing

A custom-fitted mouthguard not only protects your teeth but can also prevent or reduce the impact of injuries to other parts of your head and jaw.

Information from “Colgate Oral Care Center” The Importance of a Mouth Guard

Dental injuries are the most common type of facial injury in sports. According to the ADA, an American Association of Orthodontists survey found that 84 percent of children do not wear mouth guards while playing organized sports because they are not required to wear them. Although other protective materials, such as goggles, helmets, shoulder pads or shin guards are required in order to participate, mouth guards sometimes are not. But not only do mouth guards save teeth; they help protect the jaw as well.

All young athletes would benefit from wearing a protective mouth guard. Sports such as football, wrestling, soccer, basketball and lacrosse — to name a few — pose a high risk of injury to the mouth and jaw. The chances of a sports-related injury to the mouth and jaw are minimized by wearing a mouth guard, which best explains why you need one. Athletic mouth guards are thin, flexible pieces of plastic that are placed in the mouth and over the teeth to protect oral structures during any sports activity.

Types of Mouth Guards

There are three types of mouth guards, as detailed by WebMD. Stock and boil-and-bite mouth guards are usually found in most sporting goods stores. Athletic mouth guards can vary in comfort and cost. A custom-made mouth guard fabricated by a dentist or orthodontist is considered by many to be the most protective option. The most effective mouth guard is resilient, tear-resistant and comfortable. It should fit properly, be durable, be easy to clean and should not restrict speech or breathing. Generally, a mouth guard covers only the upper teeth.

Taking Care of Your Mouth Guard

A mouth guard must be taken care of and cleaned properly like any other appliance that is utilized to help your teeth. It should also be replaced once it becomes worn out because it will no longer offer optimal protection.

Here are some tips on how to keep your mouth guard clean and in good condition:

  • Gently scrub it after each use with a toothbrush and some toothpaste.
  • Store it in its protective case.
  • To prevent it from melting or becoming deformed, keep it out of hot water or the sun.
  • Avoid chewing on it.
  • Replace it if it doesn’t fit properly and at the beginning of a new sports season.”

For more information or to book an appointment, contact SO Dental Surgery in Chatswood. Our dentists and staff are most happy to give you advice and to provide you or your family custom made mouthguards for your needs.