Mouth Guards & Retainers
Mouthguard, orthodontic retainer, splint, implant guide by Ministar pressure moulding

We use MINISTAR S® Innovative pressure moulding technique for practice and laboratory – quick, compact and precise- onsite at SO Dental Surgery Chatswood – delivering to our patients with the highest quality Mouthguards, Orthodontic retainers, Splints, Bleaching trays, Implant guides……

  • supreme engineering made in Germany -Compact machine, in record time great range of applications
  • Temporaries Material: COPYPLAST®
  • Longterm Retainer Material: Copyplast® C Temp.
  • Dentures Material: BIOCRYL® C (rose transparent)

3D digital scanner at So Dental Chatswood

  • Splints (incl. apnea splints) Material: DURAN®, DURAN®+ or DURASOFT®
  • Bleaching Tray Material: COPYPLAST® or BIOPLAST® bleach
  • Implant/X-Ray Splint Material: DURAN®
  • Individual Tray Material: IMPRELON® clear or opaque MINISTAR S®
  • Orthodontic Retainer and expansion plate Material: BIOCRYL® C
  • Positioner Material: BIOPLAST® transparent Indirect Bonding Material: COPYPLAST®
  • Mouthguard Material: BIOPLAST® or BIOPLAST® Xtreme (color or multicolor) SCHEU-DENTAL GmbH Am Burgberg 20 Iserlohn ·
  • Germany Splints for diagnostics Material: BRUX CHECKER®
  • Hard/soft splints Material: DURASOFT®
  • Network Providers with Medibank Private, Bupa, CBHS meaning lower
    out-of-pocket costs and greater value cover for you.

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