Orthodontic Braces

Non-Extraction Orthodontic Treatment by SO Dental Chatswood


This patient had severe crowding, large buccal corridor, narrow palate and restricted tongue spacing which caused snoring and breathing problems. Additionally, he was concerned about the appearance of his teeth and smile and wanted to improve their aesthetics.


For this case, the patient was provided with the benefit of non-extraction orthodontic treatment. The Damon braces system was used by one of our caring, skilful and knowledgeable dentists at SO Dental Chatswood, Sydney.


Our patient was overjoyed by his handsome profile, broader smile, reduced buccal corridor (the black space between the lateral aspects of upper teeth and the corner of the mouth during smile) and beautifully aligned teeth. His self-confidence improved as he no longer had any concerns about the appearance of his teeth and smile. Additionally, the resultant improvement in airway function greatly reduced his probability of sleep apnoea.

Please note that every individual has different aesthetic and functional needs. At SO Dental we will take appropriate records and the relevant diagnostic information will be carefully assessed before presenting treatment options (including no treatment or referral to see an orthodontist) to our patients.

What is Damon Braces?

DAMON BRACES are known as self-ligating braces. This means that although they still have brackets and archwires, there are no elastic bands (ligatures). Instead, the brackets have small metal clips to keep the archwire in place. These clips allow your teeth to move with ‘friction-free technology’.

Benefits of Damon Braces
  • Fewer extractions

  • Better biomechanics than traditional braces

  • Cleanest braces – Easier to keep good dental hygiene

  • Lighter biological force

  • Most comfortable braces

  • Low friction system

  • Shorter treatment time

  • Fewer adjustments

  • Better Aesthetics and Smile Line

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