Smile makeover by Dental implants at So Dental in Chatswood

Presentation: A female patient with terminal prognosis of all her upper teeth.

Treatment: Extraction, implants surgery and a fixed bridge prosthesis were delivered in one single appointment. All her 12 upper teeth were extracted and 6 implants were placed at the same time. A temporary fixed-prosthesis with aesthetic-looking teeth is supported by the implants for immediate function.

Result: Function and aesthetic were restored on the same day of extractions. Patients felt minimal discomfort and swelling.

6 months review: There is healthy bone regeneration (osseointegration) around all the 6 implants and whole of the upper jaw. Excellent patient satisfaction and appreciation are evident. Final ceramic bridges with natural looking teeth were delivered.

Dental implant full mouth rehabilitation 

At So Dental we can help our patients to achieve a beautiful and healthy mouth by our advanced implant technique using Cone Beam CT and digitally guided dental implants surgery. We can deliver full arch bridgework or fixed denture on 4 to 6 implants, immediately after extracting the teeth and placing the implants.

Careful preoperative assessment and analysis will be needed to see whether you are a good candidate for full mouth reconstruction by dental implants supported bridges.

Network Providers with Medibank Private, Bupa, CBHS meaning lower
out-of-pocket costs and greater value cover for you.

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