SO Dental Accredited dentists in Chatswood

SO Dental is a fully Accredited dental clinic in Chatswood of Sydney. You will get the safety and best treatment options.

Dental Emergencies

SO Dental at Chatswood Place is open 7 days. SO Dental at Lemon Grove Shopping Centre in Chatswood is open 6 days (Mon- Sat).
In the event of a dental emergency, call SO Dental (02) 94131446 for advice and we will give you our first available emergency appointment. In the meantime, here are some recommendations and information you can do to increase the chances of successful emergency dental treatment.


Toothaches are usually caused by a dental problem, such as cavities, gum disease, mouth ulcers, a cracked tooth or dental abscess. Don’t wait to get in to our SO Dental at Chatswood Place and Lemon Grove Shopping Center in Chatswood when a tooth demands your attention. Meanwhile keep good oral hygiene and the area clean if possible. You can take what you would normally take for a headache to reduce the pain until your appointment.

Knocked Out Tooth
Baby Teeth

If your child knocks out a baby tooth do not attempt to put it back in. Call us at SO Dental Chatswood for an immediate dental examination, we will assess the situation and recommend the correct course of treatment. Take the knocked-out tooth (just in case it is an adult tooth) with you, store it in milk or saliva.

Adult Teeth

Hold the tooth by the crown avoid touching the root of the tooth! If the tooth is dirty, rinse it with some milk. Do not scrub or soak the tooth. If possible, gently put the tooth in its previous socket, make sure that the tooth is the right way around. Or keep it moist in a cup of mild and contact SO Dental Chatswood for an emergency dental appointment.

Cracked or Broken teeth

Place any broken pieces of tooth in milk. Do not let the pieces dry out. Contact SO Dental for advice as soon as possible.

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