Lemon Juice & Sprite Experiment

Lemon Juice and acidic drinks cause Tooth Erosion

Why You Might Want to Put Down That Box of Apple Juice (A Gravimetric Analysis by Professor Stephan Zimmer at Wittkeen University in Germany 4th June 15 Pacific Standard by Nathan Collins)

“Lemon Juice was the worst for your teeth, eroding away 32mg of the 36mg original tooth substance ( =89% disappeared ) of the enamel in just one week”

Fresh citrus juices can cause tooth erosion

“Lemon water can damage your enamel”

Unfortunately, acid-worn tooth enamel is being seen more and more frequently, a worryingly escalating trend. Drinking lemon water may be a healthy drink to detox/cleanse your system but it will put you at risk for TOOTH EROSION.

A condition where the thin, protective layer of enamel slowly wears away from your teeth. When the ENAMEL IS WORN away, it exposes the underlying dentin which is softer and yellower. This may cause tooth SENSITIVITY and unsightly teeth that appear HOLLOWED and YELLOWED.
For more dietary advice, prevention regime or treatment planning on acid erosion.

Fresh citrus juices can cause tooth erosion

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