Babies and Toddlers

Tooth Eruption ( Development )

Babies are born with a full set of 20 teeth hidden in the gums. These can start appearing from around five or six months, but this varies from baby from baby, with some starting teething at three months, and others as late as 12 months.

Each of the baby teeth slowly emerge – or erupt – from the gum over a few weeks or months. The first teeth to come through are usually the two bottom front ones. Next comes the two top middle, and then others at the side and back.

Babies Teething

Some babies get through teething with no problems at all, but many parents report that their babies do experience discomfort. The symptoms most likely to trouble a teether include:

  • Irritability or fussiness
  • Drooling (which can lead to a facial rash)
  • Gum swelling and sensitivity
  • Gnawing or chewing behavior
  • Refusing food
  • Sleep problems

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