Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Treatment

Snoring, Sleep Apnoea and Children Orthopaedic Treatment
What is Snoring and Sleep Apnoea?

Snoring is a sound produced when the air passes through relaxed tissue in the back of the throat. Sleep Apnoea is best described as intermittent breathing or stopping breathing during sleep; Apnoea is a Greek word meaning “without breath”.

Sleep Apnoea is a disorder affecting hundreds of millions worldwide; those affected (adults and children alike) literally stop and start breathing all through the night. This is due to the soft tissue of the airway collapsing so severely that it totally blocks the airway and breathing ceases momentarily. Apnoea does not allow proper restorative sleep that is essential for individual physical and mental health.


A common reason for this medical condition is poorly positioned jaws or tongue. What we eat and other environmental factors also influence Apnoea. We can have sensitivities to all sorts of different things. This can cause the soft tissues of our airways to swell and occlude the passage of air flowing through.

Airway Dentistry at SO Dental Surgery in Chatswood

involves the management of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) using oral appliance therapy for adults, and orthopedic correction and development for children (Early orthodontic treatment in growing Children). This treatment is recognised by the medical community and provided by our experienced and trained dentists at SO Dental Chatswood.

Children suffer with TMD, airway and breathing disorders, and Sleep Apnoea

These conditions have no age boundaries, the good news is when identified and treated in childhood they can be corrected. The earlier the treatment the better the result! For your child’s sake, be pro-active; have them evaluated on a regular basis starting at an early age.

Obstructive tonsils when say ahhh

Tonsils and adenoids are specialized tissues that are part of the lymphatic immune system. They respond to irritants by inflaming and restricting airways. This is most likely to happen during sleep when the soft tissue at the back of the throat is most relaxed. Some studies estimate the incidence of sleep disordered breathing in children as high as 10-12%.

Studies show that some kids diagnosed with ADHD/ADD actually have attention problems in school because of disrupted sleep patterns that are caused by obstructive Sleep Aponea. Thus what they need is their sleep problem addressed, not stimulant medications like Adderall, Ritalin and anti-depressants.

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