1. Case presentation same day bridge (Jan 2015) ” Simple solution for a painful tooth”

Patient has a tilted molar and she wasn’t able to eat on the left side for many years. The condition was deteriorating due to painful food-packing on both gaps with adjacent teeth.
This is a challenging case as the space is too small for an implant & too large for a single crown. However we could offer a simple & pain-free solution.


by our laser PlanScan and CAD/CAM system which restored the function, aesthetics, gum health in one day.
The tooth preparation was minimal with all the margins resting on enamel and above the gum lines. Meticulous attention was placed to details especially the interproximal areas, embrasures cleansing and margins to achieve a perfect ceramic restoration.


A happy patient has her pain resolved and function restored. The bridge is easily kept clean by flossing or interdental brush.

2. Before & After “same day crown”

3. Before & After “white fillings” “inlays” “onlays”


One of our patients with a deep crack in a hypersensitive tooth was treated at SO Dental Surgery using our latest PlanScan E4D technology.
Results: a happy patient & normal function restored!
Benefits of CAD CAM:

  • – same day restoration
  • – stronger, more precise fit
  • – beautiful, natural appearance
  • – comfortable patient experience, no more temporaries, no multiple visits, no messy impressions
  • – innovative digital technology with advanced materials such as IPS e.max or Zirlux FC Zirconia

What is emax CAD crown (Ivoclar)?
Innovation in glass-ceramics:

How can So Dental Surgery get closer to the future? By being ahead of the times! We benefit from an innovative material which offers more than pure performance. In fact, it effectively combines strength, esthetics and efficiency. For the first time ever, high-strength, all-ceramic crowns can be directly fabricated chairside with IPS e.max CAD. Depending on the indication, conventional cementation can be used to efficiently and easily place the restorations. As a result, So Dental Surgery combine modern CAD/CAM processing with a high-performance material, which will open up new opportunities.

High strength for chairside CAD/CM processing:

We take advantage of the impressive material properties of IPS e.max CAD. The lithium disilicate glassceramic is efficiently milled in its “soft” state. At this stage, the material exhibits an unusual bluish colour. During a subsequent crystallization process in our dental office, the IPS e.max CAD restorations attain their final physical properties including the high strength of 360 MPa, which enables the conventional cementation of crowns. In addition, the restorations acquire the desired esthetic properties, such as tooth colour, excellent translucency and brightness. Therefore, So Dental Surgery benefit from the possibility of using minimally invasive preparation procedures in conjunction with inlays. High-strength, esthetic, conventionally cementable allceramic crowns can be fabricated in about one hour!

A variety of blocks to suit any need:

The IPS e.max CAD HT blocks, which feature a high translucency, are used to mill minimally invasive, full-contour restorations such as inlays, onlays and veneers. The less translucent IPS e.max CAD LT blocks are suitable for the fabrication of full and partial crowns. Additionally there is a more opaque block (MO) for the fabrication of frameworks (layering technique) in the laboratory. IPS e.max CAD blocks for chairside processing are offered in two sizes and two degrees of translucency: HT and LT. They are available in 16 A–D and 4 Bleach BL shades. The new Impulse blocks in three brightness values (Value 1, 2, 3) and two opalescent shades (Opal 1, 2) are mainly used to create veneers, partial crowns and single crowns.

An optimum outcome:

exceptional potential of IPS e.max CAD is achieved through a unique crystallization process, delivering the highest possible precision and optimum results for our patients. So Dental Surgery uses our latest laser technology E4D (Planscan) & CAD/CAM unit for milling the IPS e.max CAD restorations. A ceramic furnace is required for crystallization and glaze firing. The Vita ® CS furnace has been exclusively developed to crystallize IPS e.max CAD efficiently and precisely. In addition the Vita CS can also be used in the staining of IPS e.max CAD crowns. The furnace offers the essentials and is easy to operate. The symbols are selfexplanatory and will guide the user through the preset programs including those for IPS e.max CAD.

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